MJH33D4000 Fits Majestic 24VFSC

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We're sorry, we've done all we can to source this item, but we can no longer supply this item.

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Sorry this part is no longer available, with no sub and we have none in stock.

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Burners and Venturi

MJH33D0070 - Burner becket dbx ng. More info $74.25


MJH00F0079 - Nut 7/16-24 unf(1/4dia). More info $5.4
MJH00F0080 - Ferrule (1/4dia). More info $5.4
MJH18D0310 - Fitting-brass 3/8npt x 1 1/2. More info $9
MJH11V0312 - Fitting - 3/8 x 1/4-brass. More info $10.8

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

MJH49D0050 - 3/16 alum tube double be. More info $31.35
MJH11V0701 - Tstat-sit model #630 (067. More info $260.4
MJH24D0305 - Regulator-ng 4.0+. More info $52.2
MJH33D4053 - Tube t-stat valve to burn. More info $32.4


MJH18D0402 - Piezo kit bracket include. More info $37.5

Other Parts

MJH33D4000 - Canopy. More info Not available
MJH33D4501 - Screen assy... More info $0 Not available
MJH18D0523 - Injector #54. More info $16.2
MJH33D4033 - Firebrick, left, majestic. More info $64.8
MJH33D4032 - Center firebirck (optional). please emai. More info $0 Not available
MJH26D2529 - Pilot ods ngas op (m/t). More info $77.4
MJH33D4034 - Firebrick, right, majestic. More info $64.8
MJHBLO24T - Blower (optional).. More info $0 Not available
MJH00K0632 - Assy-wire. More info $9
MJH33D5042 - Front log #1.. More info $0 Not available
MJH20H0022 - 10-2131-18 ss flex hose. More info $37.5
MJH972057 - Modulating screw (min. flow) (not shown). More info $0 Not available

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU100.15.P - Burners (one barrel). More info $15.99
BU24.20 - Burners (retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
SVLP2CP-3INCH - Key. More info $4.8
T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $2.49

Other Parts

MJH1206107 - Tube silicone-400 deg-black. More info $30.6

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