23398 Fits Johnson Furnace J9900

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Part Description

Flue baffle

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Other parts for this model


6f58 - 5/8 rope gasket, sold by the foot. More info $5.58

Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

US40257 - Grate. More info Not available


89308 - Feed door locking mechanism. More info $45.6

Motors and Blades

1C465 - 465 cfm blower casing. More info $497.11

Other Parts

40256 - Grate frame, shaker frame. More info $193.18
80230 - Manifold assy w/valves, 36 inch ng.. More info $295.88
80145HB - Limit control. More info $149.32
23398 - Flue baffle. More info Not available
5B941 - Firebrick. More info $8.37
68598sv - Thermostat assembly. More info Not available
89354AA - Ash door handle assembly. More info $54.9
68228 - Ash pan. More info $189.99
40258 - Front or rear liner. More info Not available
40269 - Front liner. More info $165.18

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU24.20 - Burners (retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
BU100.15.P - Burners (one barrel). More info $15.99
T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $4.99

Other Parts

LMN29240 - 37" heavy duty black poker. More info $9.99

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