24119 Fits Empire VFP36SP32EN-2

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Fireplace Burners and Venturi

$999999.99 – Out of Stock

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Part Description

Manualservice. please <a href="/support/open.php">email for price</a>.

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Other parts for this model

BRMNA - Hex plug. More info $0 Not available

Burners and Venturi

BRMM162 - Gasket for venturi. More info $3.05
BRMP209 - Burner orifice (nat). More info $4.86
24756 - Timer. please <a href="/support/open.php">email for price</a>.. More info $999999.99
BRMR5677 - Venturi tube assy fits vfsur18/24/30. More info $18.3
24119 - Manualservice. please <a href="/support/open.php">email for price</a>.. More info $999999.99
24143 - Couplersnap. please <a href="/support/open.php">email for price</a>.. More info $999999.99


BRM24115 - Junction box sub-assembly. More info $0 Not available
BRM24756 - Burner sub assembly includes #22. More info $0 Not available
BRMR10947 - Wire assembly. More info $13.79


BRMR3491 - Junction box cover. More info $3.31


BRM20143 - Front frame fits (a)vfp36. More info $52.33

Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

BRM24144 - Grate assembly.. More info $0 Not available

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

BRM20115 - Valve bracket fits (a)vfp32,36. More info $9.94
BRMR3626 - Valve (nat) fits civf-25, civf-25c. More info $193.73
BRMR7063 - Pilot regulator, (nat). More info $20.16


BRMR2313 - Piezo igniter. More info $10
BRMR2792 - Igniter wire fits eh, ah, sh-32, 32t. More info $3.98

Other Parts

BRMR9719 - Brick liner assembly. More info $119.4
BRM17301 - Top standoff. More info $4.23
BRMFBB5 - Blower assy complete. More info $196.35
BRMR8199 - Fan switch fits fbb3. More info $15.68
BRMR3492 - Receptacle - 3 prong. More info $9.94
R9719 - Brick liner.. More info $0 Not available
BRM19401 - Bottom brick retainer bracket. More info $3.92
BRM19945 - Brick liner bracket fits vfp36sb. More info $3.76
BRM18807 - Upper louver assy. More info $33.71
BRM18808 - Lower louver assy. More info $40.03
BRM20020 - Hood fits (a)vfd 32, vfp 32, vfs 32. More info $18.08
BRM10554 - Nailing flange. More info $2.94
BRMP253 - Angled orifice fitting. More info $19.96
BRMP-253 - Orifice fitting. More info $0 Not available
BRMR5676 - Air shutter (nat). More info $3.96
BRMR-5676 - Air shutter. More info $0 Not available
BRMR3624 - Pilot (nat) with t-pile and t-couple. More info $68.27
BRM24119 - Burner base. More info $0 Not available
BRM24143 - Burner support. More info $0 Not available
BRM23244 - Orifice shield fits vfsur18/24/30. More info $2.94
BRMR3435 - Wire assy. More info $15.61
BRMR3436 - Remote off, on switch. More info $12.35
BRMR-2313 - Ignitor, piezo. More info $0 Not available
BRMR7591 - Flex line fits bvd34,36. More info $29.78
BRM24661 - Log support (2).. More info $0 Not available
BRM24664 - Log support.. More info $0 Not available
BRM24662 - Log support.. More info $0 Not available
BRM24663 - Log support.. More info $0 Not available


BRM24291 - Log spacer plate. More info $0 Not available

Rocks and Briquettes

BRM11788 - Decorative rock. More info $5.2
BRM15999 - Rock wool fits vfsm, vfsv, vfsr-18. More info $3.96


BRM24146 - Tubing assembly, inlet. More info $0 Not available
BRMR2423 - Connector 5, 16 tube x 3, 8 npt - brass. More info $6.14
24148 - Use 23224c. please <a href="/support/open.php">email for price</a>.. More info $99999.99
BRM24148 - Tubing assembly, pilot to regulator nat. More info $0 Not available
BRM20116 - Tubing nat fits (a)vfp32,36. More info $4.18

Whirlpool Parts

WPL24115 - Manual, service. More info $4.12
WPL24146 - Switch,motor. More info $7.66
WPL20115 - Grommet. please <a href="/support/open.php">email for price</a>.. More info $979999.99
WPL24291 - Assy,knob. More info $4.12

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU100.15.P - Burners (one barrel). More info $15.99
BU24.20 - Burners (retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
SVLP2CP-3INCH - Key. More info $4.8
T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $2.49

Other Parts

MJH1206107 - Tube silicone-400 deg-black. More info $30.6

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