BRM19548 Fits Empire VFP36FB2EL-3

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Part Description

Damper assembly.

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BRMR3491 - Junction box cover. More info $3.31
BRM19990 - Blower cover plate.. More info $0 Not available

Other Accessories

BRMR9295 - Liner bottom, med. middle ledge. More info $18.92

Other Parts

BRM10124 - Rain cap fits vffb-ak-1 air intake kit. More info $19.66
BRM17247 - Top standoff. More info $9
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BRM18476 - Outside air tube assembly.. More info $0 Not available
BRM10554 - Nailing flange. More info $2.94
R8196 - Washer, silicone (bv).. More info $0 Not available
BRM18808 - Lower louver assy. More info $40.03
BRM19548 - Damper assembly.. More info $0 Not available
BRM17162 - Junction box assy. More info $11.34
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BRMR3492 - Receptacle - 3 prong. More info $9.94
R8189 - Rod, fresh air (bv).. More info $0 Not available
R8703 - Rod, air control (fb).. More info $0 Not available
BRM20473 - Bracket, outside air rod (fb).. More info $0 Not available
BRM19945 - Brick liner bracket fits vfp36sb. More info $3.76
BRM19401 - Bottom brick retainer bracket. More info $3.92
BRM20145 - Hood fits (a)vfd36, vfp 36, vfs 36. More info $18.16
BRMR7052 - Discontinued - screen rod vffd/p-36(l)-1. More info $4.54
BRMR8201 - Screen curtain fits (a)vfp36,42. More info $27.09
BRMR8727 - Hole plug fits (a)vfd32,36,42. More info $3.24
BRMR9292 - Liner bottom, right ledge. More info $10.19
BRMR9293 - Liner bottom, left ledge. More info $10.19
BRM23004 - Retainer, hearth.. More info $0 Not available


R9420 - Brick panel right.. More info $0 Not available

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU100.15.P - Burners (one barrel). More info $15.99
BU24.20 - Burners (retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
SVLP2CP-3INCH - Key. More info $4.8
T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $2.49

Other Parts

MJH1206107 - Tube silicone-400 deg-black. More info $30.6

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