BRMP253 Fits Empire VF24FP3-1

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Part Description

Angled orifice fitting

Additional Information

Fits cibv-30-20, cidv-30-20; vfym, r-16- vfcm, r, t-25-1- vfh-33m, r, t;dvs-36, dvs-42, vfhs-20/10t- vfhs-20r; vfhd-32r, 32t; vfhd-36r, 36t

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Other parts for this model

Burners and Venturi

MCM101130111 - Burner head, ovl sgl, ss, 14.25 x 5; amb. More info $28.26

Burners and Venturi

BRMP182 - Burner orifice (lp). More info $4.86
BRMP181 - Burner orifice (nat) (p88). More info $4.91
BRM12347 - Burner assy (nat). More info $57.83
BRM12348 - Burner assy (lp). More info $57.83


BRM11307 - Valve cover plate fits vfhs-20r. More info $4.45

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

BRMR7063 - Pilot regulator, (nat). More info $20.16
BRM11305 - Valve, regulator bracket. More info $11.88
BRMR5700 - Discontinued - see 26044 valve (nat) fit. More info $130
BRMR5701 - Discontinued - see 26045 valve (lp) fits. More info $0 Not available

Special order: Ships in 5 to 20 business days

BRM11306 - Valve bracket (2 required) fits vfhs-20r. More info $2.94


BRMR5668 - Igniter wire. More info $3.98

Motors and Blades

BRMR2804A - Blower motor fits gwtb-1- ci. More info $113.4

Other Parts

BRMP263 - Nipple 7 1/2-inch fits vfhs-20r. More info $11.88
BRMR4579D - Switch - wire harness. More info $9.4
BRM12389 - Ceramic media. More info $7.99
BRMR4459 - Magnet (2 required). More info $6.39
BRMP251 - Coupling - (nat). More info $5.99
BRM20217 - Top trim black. More info $29.5
BRM11508 - Fan control bracket fits vfs-bk-1. More info $3.02
BRM20215 - Left trim black. More info $29.5
BRMR8117 - Fan switch 130-degree. More info $16.2
BRMR2099 - Cord set. More info $11.46
BRM10554 - Nailing flange. More info $2.94
BRMR1410 - Bushing. More info $3.54
WEB10574 - Adjusting shaft.. More info $0 Not available

Special order: Ships in 5 to 20 business days

Other Parts

BRM10573 - Corner brace 1. More info $4.45

Other Parts

BRM11295 - Outer wrapper. More info $39.31
R-5804 - Wire harness.. More info $0 Not available

Special order: Ships in 5 to 20 business days

BRM11289 - Outer wrapper top or bottom. More info $17.64
BRMR1404 - Bushing fits dv, faw-55. More info $3.06
BRM11460 - Louver assy - upper. More info $5.94
BRM11507 - Blower shield, side fits vfs-bk-1. More info $5.51
BRM11462 - Screen assy. More info $48.2
BRM11506 - Blower shield, front fits vfs-bk-1. More info $3.92
BRMR2805 - On, off switch. More info $15.12
BRM11461 - Louver assy - lower. More info $7
BRM11322 - Louver hinge bracket. More info $2.94
BRM11296 - Firebox top. More info $13.63
BRM11303 - Inner firebox top. More info $14.26
BRM11334 - Rear log support - welded. More info $5.9
BRM11302 - Firebox walls. More info $25.66
BRM11304 - Firebox bottom. More info $12.83
BRMR3624 - Pilot (nat) with t-pile and t-couple. More info $86.63
BRMR3623 - Pilot (lp) with t-pile and t-couple. More info $88.8
BRMP253 - Angled orifice fitting. More info $19.96
BRMR5676 - Air shutter (nat). More info $3.96
BRMR5675 - Air shutter (full open) (lp). More info $3.96
BRMR3436 - Remote off, on switch. More info $13.04

Rocks and Briquettes

BRM15998 - Rock wool fits vfsm, vfsv, vfsr-16. More info $4.77


BRM11459 - Tubing (valve to burner) fits vfhs-20r. More info $6.39
BRM15465 - Tubing, (valve to pilot regulator)-(nat). More info $4.18
BRM15466 - Tubing, (pilot regulator to pilot) - (na. More info $6.17
BRM11458 - Tubing (valve to pilot) fits vfhs-20r. More info $3.96
BRMM147 - Gasket - tubing seal. More info $3.92

Whirlpool Parts

WPL20216 - Assy,transmission cove. More info $23.86

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU100.15.P - Burners (one barrel). More info $15.99
BU24.20 - Burners (retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
SVLP2CP-3INCH - Key. More info $4.8
T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $2.49

Other Parts

MJH1206107 - Tube silicone-400 deg-black. More info $30.6

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