AY011523R Fits Ashley C60-12

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Fireplace Motors and Blades

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Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

AY005246R - GRATE C74 001-12 1/2 X 10. More info $229.72
AY005247R - GRATE C74-002-12 1/2 X 5. More info $102.99

Other Parts

AY005244R - LINER, DOWN DRAFT. More info $131.34
AY005245R - Liner Down Draft C74-005. More info $95.35
AY005243R - Liner Side. More info $195.86
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KB-902 - BLOWER ASSEMBLY (MUST REDRILL). THIS PAR. More info $0 Not available


AY020763FA - FEED DOOR HANDLE ASSY. More info $44.5
AY020763AA - ASH DOOR HANDLE ASSY. More info $45.34

Motors and Blades

AY011523R - MOTOR ONLY EMAIL FOR PRICE . More info $0 Email for price

Accessories for all Fireplaces

Other Parts

MJH1206107 - TUBE SILICONE-400 DEG-BLACK. More info $30.6


BU24.20 - Bruners (Retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
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Complete Units

HAP-440 - HOLMES COMPLETE HEPA AIR. More info $42.99

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