How to find your Fireplace brand and model

If you don't have your owner's manual, finding your brand and model can sometimes be harder than you expect.

I don't have my owners manual, what now?

Find your rating plate:

Fireplace rating plate

All fireplaces are required to have a rating plate for compliance. This is a metal plate with information about your fireplace. If you can find the metal plate on your fire, it will provide all the information you need to find the right parts.

Where do I find my rating plate?

Rating plates can be in a variety of places depending on the type of fireplace and manufacturer. Here is a guide that wil help you locate your rating plate.

Useful tools to help find your rating plate

A flashlight, or a smartphone with a camera and flash—for the tight places.

Gas Fireplaces

The rating plate is normally located near the gas controls. These controls are normally located underneath or on the side of the fireplace behind a decorative door.

Wood Burning Inserts

The rating plate is normally found inside the firebox. Try looking on the upper left or upper right of the firebox, or on the smoke shield.

Wood Burning Stoves

The rating plate for wood burning stoves is normally found inside the firebox or on the back of the stove. If it's a too close to the wall, this is where your smartphone becomes a real boon. Reach the phone in and take a photo!

Electric Fireplaces

The best place to look for the rating plate with electric fireplaces is inside the control panel or inside the fireplace behind the glass.

I have my brand and model, now what?

After you find your brand and model, finding parts is easy. Start here by choosing your brand:

Don't forget...

When you find your rating plate, we recommend either taking a photo or noting down your brand and model for future use. It might make it easier next time!