Owner's Manual (General)

Owner's Manual (General)

Burners and Venturi

MJH57803 - Ceramic burner tile. More info Not available

Burners and Venturi

MJHSRV51704 - Sensor temp fan switch. More info $37.8


MJHSRV10002265 - Pilot assy 3 way n/dv rp-. More info $117.6
MJHSRV51738 - Switch fan speed control. More info $66


MJH10002237 - Gasket plate cover flue p. More info $12.6


MJH10007399 - Frame win assy. More info $109.8
MJH10009693K - Frame window w/glass assembly. More info Not available
MJH54174 - Clamp frame window. More info Not available


MJH10007391K - Glass w/gasket assy. More info $181.44


MJH52857 - Nut 3/8 id brasflare shor. More info $10.8

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

MJH20012218 - Valve nova rn sit 0.820.8. More info $226
MJH37D0118 - Valve sit mv hi/lo lp (05. More info $298
MJH37D0016 - Valve sit elect hi/lo ng. More info $217.2
MJH37D0017 - Valve sit elect hi/lo lp. More info $249


MJH52533 - Brkt-piezo igniter sit 0978099. More info $14.4
MJH10001297 - Electrode igniter w/cable. More info $30.6
MJH52465 - Electrode igniter. More info $14.4
MJH57958 - Deflector front burner. nvc36. More info $0 Not available

Special order: Ships in 5 to 20 business days


MJH51882 - Knob black. More info $9

Other Parts

MJH10007567 - Log set 33ldvr/t. More info Not available
MJH10007396 - Plate relief w/gasket assy. More info $41.4
MJH10008350 - Cover electronic module assy. More info $36
MJH10008614 - Brkt bottom louvre. More info $9
MJH52534 - Screw bracket piezo sit. More info $9
MJH10008235 - Conversion kit 36ldv ng to lp. More info $97.9
MJH10008236 - Conversion kit 36ldv lp to ng. More info $172.04
MJH10007565 - Log a43 front left. More info $46.8
MJH10007563 - Log a41 rear left. More info $77.4
MJH51915K - No longer available. sub 58d0443.. More info Not available
MJH54967 - Orifice hollow hex #48. More info $9
MJH50999 - Orifice hollow hex #56. More info $9
MJH37D0022 - Pilot inj ng #62 conv kit. More info Not available
MJH37D0023 - Pilot inj lp #35 conv kit. More info $14.4
MJHSRV10002264 - Pilot assy 3 way n/dv rn. More info $117.6
MJH10002387 - Pilot assy 3 way en top c. More info Not available
MJH37D0018K - Ng sit field conv. pilot. More info $112.8
MJH26D0566 - 750 mv power generator 35. More info $108
MJH10000696 - Cable electrode w/1/4 fast-on. More info $0 Not available

Special order: Ships in 5 to 20 business days

MJH57885 - Sensing electrode w/cable. More info $27
MJH20002500 - Connector 19 flex w/adap. More info $57.6
MJH51865 - No longer available. sub 26d0619. More info Not available
MJH10000992 - Gasket glass #6 al thick. More info Not available
MJH10007400K - Louvre top assy. More info $50.4
MJH10007397K - Louvre bottom assy. More info Not available
MJH10007562 - Support front log. More info $25.2
MJH10004192K - Plate relief w/ gasket. More info $105.3
MJH10007940 - Circuit board en\ep assy. More info Not available
MJH10008140 - Cfm wire req t en/ep high volt. More info $0 Not available

Special order: Ships in 5 to 20 business days

MJH10008615 - Pin clevis. More info $9
MJH10008616 - Clip pin hitch. More info $9

Rocks and Briquettes

MJH10001454 - No longer available. substitute 00f0540.. More info Not available


MJH57318 - Tubing manifold w/fit re. More info $49.5

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU100.15.P - Burners (one barrel). More info $15.99
BU24.20 - Burners (retail bag of 20). More info $5.95
SVLP2CP-3INCH - Key. More info $4.8
T812 - Cutting board 8 x12 inch. More info $4.99

Other Parts

LMN29240 - 37" heavy duty black poker. More info $9.99

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