Empire VFHD-32-R-1


Burners and Venturi

BRM11376 - Burner Support - Left Fits VFSR, VFSV-18. More info $8.68
BRM11481 - Burner Support Assy-Right Fits VFHS-32T/. More info $7.88
BRMP243 - Burner Orifice (NAT) # 36 Fits CIBV-30-2. More info $7.15
BRMP185 - Burner Orifice (LP) Fits CIDV-30-20, CIB. More info $6.75
BRM14035 - Burner Assy Fits VFHD-32R, 32T; VSM-24,. More info $87.75

Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

BRM13950 - Top Heat SheldVFFD-32(L)-1; VFHD-32R 32T. More info $28.47

Hoses, Valves, and Regulators

BRMR5701 - Discontinued - See 26045 Valve (LP) Fits. More info $0 Not available
BRMR5700 - Discontinued - See 26044 Valve (NAT) Fit. More info $130
BRM14007 - Valve Bracket Fits VFHD-32R, VFHD-36R. More info $5.55
BRMR7063 - Pilot Regulator, (NAT) Fits VFHS-20R; VF. More info $18.72


BRMR4192 - Rheostat Knob Fits FB-BK-2. More info $6.45


BRMR5781 - Igniter Wire Fits VFHS-36T; VFHS-36R; VF. More info $6.55

Rocks and Briquettes

BRM15970 - Rock Wool VFSM VFSV VFSR-30; VFCM R T-25. More info $6.25


BRMR3491 - Junction Box CoverFBJB-1- Junctn Box Kit. More info $5.5

Other Accessories

BRM11788-(1) - DECORATIVE ROCK.. More info $0 Not available
BRMR3435A - Wire Assy DVF-36, DVF-42; VFHD-32R, 36R. More info $13.62
BRMR6440 - BLOWER ASSEMBLY.. More info $12
BRM14050 - FAN CONTROL BRACKET.. More info $0 Not available

Other Parts

BRM14124 - Standoff Bracket Fits DVDR/DVDT-3532, 39. More info $4.06
BRM16292 - Outer Wrapper Front Post Fits DVDR/DVDT-. More info $11.73
BRM13947 - Outer Wrapper Sides & Back Fits VFFD-32(. More info $51.15
BRMR3492 - Receptacle 3 Prong FBJB-1- Junct Box Kit. More info $10.61
BRM14169 - Louver Bracket Assy w/Clip Fits DVDR/DVD. More info Not available
BRM14019 - Louver Fits DVDR/DVDT-3532; VFFD-32(L)-1. More info $7.79
BRM14029 - Louver Bracket - Hinge Fits DVDR/DVDT-35. More info $12
BRM13957 - Louver Bracket Fits DVDR/DVDT-3532, 3936. More info $4.13
BRM14043 - Outer Wrapper Bottom Assy Fits DVDR/DVDT. More info $26.79
BRMR3436 - Remote Off, On Switch Fits DVDR/DVDT; DV. More info $11.88
BRMR5676 - Air Shutter (NAT) Fits DVS-36- 36IP, DVF. More info $4.85
BRMR5675 - Air Shutter (Full Open) (LP) Fits DVS-36. More info $6.25
BRMP253 - Angled Orifice Fitting Fits CIBV-30-20,. More info $20.1
BRM11833 - Pilot Shield, (NAT) Fits CHG-VF, CHR-VF;. More info $4.13
BRMR3623 - Pilot (LP) with T-pile and T-couple Fits. More info $93.15
BRMR3624 - Pilot (NAT) with T-pile and T-couple Fit. More info $95.85
BRM14168 - Inner Firebox Assy Fits VFFD-32(L)-1; VF. More info $72.6
BRM13952 - Firebox Top VFFD-32(L)-1; VFHD-32R, 32T. More info $21.78
BRMR6391 - Log - Left Front Fits DVS-36- DVS-36IP-. More info $44.55
BRMR5731 - Log - Right Front Fits DVS-36- DVS-36IP-. More info $40.2
BRMR5732 - Log - Middle Fits DVS-36- DVS-36IP- VFSR. More info $102.3
BRMR5734 - Log - Branch Fits DVS-36- DVS-36IP- VFSR. More info $41.25
BRMR6392 - Log - Rear Fits DVS-36- DVS-36IP- VFSR,. More info $46.2
BRM11935 - Blower Diverter Fits FBB1A. More info $4.27
BRMR6458 - Cord Set 18-in Fits FBB1A. More info $14.64
BRM11932 - Blower Support Fits FBB1A. More info $10.61
BRMR1720 - Plastic Clip Fits VFHS-20/10T. More info $4.27
BRMR1454 - Bushing, Brass (4 required) Fits SR-18T,. More info $6.25
BRMR4190 - Blower Assy Fits FB-BK-2. More info $234.47
BRMR8117 - Fan Switch 130-degree Fits VFB-2-(SRB-18. More info $14.64
BRMR5101 - Wire harness Fits FB-BK-2. More info $12
BRMR5298 - Wire Assy Fits FB-BK-2. More info $7.88
BRMR3490 - Junction Box Fits FB-BK-2. More info $8
BRMR4186 - Rheostat Fits FB-BK-2. More info $42.9
BRMR4193 - Cord Set 18-in Fits FB-BK-2. More info $10.61
BRM10849 - Blower Support Fits FB-BK-2. More info $5.5
BRMR1410 - Bushing Fits DVC-35T-1 (IP, SPP), DVB-1-. More info $4.32
BRM11520 - Top Standoff Fits VFFB-30C-1; VFFD/VFFP-. More info $6.84
BRM13948 - Outer Wrapper Top Fits VFFD-32(L)-1; VFH. More info $25.5
BRM13956 - Hood VFFD/P-32(L)-1; VFHD-32R, VFHD-32T. More info Not available
BRM13951 - Firebox Support Fits DVDR/DVDT-3532, 393. More info $6.75
BRM13959 - Firebox Bottom Fits VFHD-32R, VFHD-32T. More info $27.78
BRM11540 - Rear Log Support Welded Assy Fits VFS(R,. More info $9.41


BRM14048 - Front Frame Assy Fits VFHD-32R, VFHD-32T. More info $107.25


BRM11893 - Tubing Assy, Valve to Burner Fits VFHS-3. More info $6.25
BRM11892(LP) - TUBING - VALVE TO PILOT.. More info $0 Not available
BRM14123 - Tubing, Pilot Regulator to Pilot (NAT) F. More info $6.75


BRMR1499 - Grommet, Rubber (4 required) Fits SR-18T. More info $4.06

Cosmetic Parts

BRM14052 - Right Trim Fits VFHD-32R, 32T. More info $10.43
BRM14060 - Top Trim Fits VFHD-32R, 32T. More info $10.61

Accessories for all Fireplaces


BU100.15.P - Burners (one Barrel). More info $15.99
BU24.20 - Bruners (Retail bag of 20). More info $5.95

Other Parts

MJH1206107 - TUBE SILICONE-400 DEG-BLACK. More info $30.6

Complete Units

HAP-440 - HOLMES COMPLETE HEPA AIR. More info $42.99


SVLP2CP-3INCH - KEY. More info $4.8

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